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ArtsynyanDraws (@artsynyan) Instagram Profile Photo artsynyan


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"That's a professional secret dear seven~" I kinda did the crayon challenge but with some Korean crayons I got from a friend. Btw I don't know what to draw so I drew operative six from tteots. xtteots


Aeon Dream Studios (@aeondreamstudios) Instagram Profile Photo aeondreamstudios

Aeon Dream Studios

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Introducing the final version of ! #BTSxTTEOTS Six Lead writer: @stormvalkyrie Character design: @xelestial_sky Concept art by: @do.ww Face by: @nonconman Body/outfit art by:


||✿SEVEN✿|| (@seven.cfl) Instagram Profile Photo seven.cfl


image by ||✿SEVEN✿|| (@seven.cfl) with caption : "Can someone just help this man? 😭✨💕 Love this plot so much .
#bts #bangtansonyeondan #bangtan #btsxtteots #tteots " - 1803124158571163865
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Can someone just help this man? 😭✨💕 Love this plot so much . . . . xtteots

💕 ARMY 💕 (@btsarmy_kat) Instagram Profile Photo btsarmy_kat

💕 ARMY 💕

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This really made me cry, my heart was doing some weird shit while watching this, I will forever love bts. It pisses me off how people make fun of ARMYS for stanning bts. because they are so much more than a “stupid Korean band” like people say. They are amazing. Their gorgeous and loving, respectful and humble, kind and gracious, and extraordinarily talented. Their music has so much depth and meaning (and they all bops). I’m proud of how far they’ve come and can’t express how much they have changed my life for the best. I was inspired so much by them, I found them in a time of my life where I wasn’t really happy and listening to their music and watching RUN, and other old memories, they helped me get through it. Whenever I’m down I find a safe place in bts and that’s why I love them. Forever and always my doods. xTTEOTS