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Nelson Felix Lebron (@nelsonthetyrantlebron) Instagram Profile Photo nelsonthetyrantlebron

Nelson Felix Lebron

image by Nelson Felix Lebron (@nelsonthetyrantlebron) with caption : "Day 167 of Training, not shaving, not cutting my hair.
Age 43 Height 5'1 Weight 155.lbs 
Start weight 172lbs 
Sunday 6/1" - 1804050639028008138
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Day 167 of Training, not shaving, not cutting my hair. Age 43 Height 5'1 Weight 155.lbs Start weight 172lbs Sunday 6/17/18 "Become the Hunter and Warrior you were always meant to be. Do away with the pleasantries and comforts of the sheeps in society. Solidify your body and mind making them into a fortress. Then fortify your fortress, fly a banner or code of arms, and become the immovable, impenetrable, omnipotent Castle you were designed to be." - Nelson the Tyrant Lebron Put God 1st. Even if just in morning prayers. Life is short. Some people only live once. I LIVE EVERYDAY! - Nelson the Tyrant Lebron Reminder, I am not a bodybuilder. I am an old school competitive fighter who due to illness exploded from meds I was on. I went from a lean 145lbs walk around weight to an ugly 182lbs. Goal is to get back to a lean 135lbs to 145lbs. Excuses: None Relationship goals: Master Myself, become a good man. Become husband and father material. Learn to listen better and become more understanding. Life goals: Be the best person I can be. Inspire, motivate, and encourage others to greatness. Be a great dad one day. Life Lessons: Learn from my past never return there. #boxing " There is no off season in my sport. If you perceive it you can achieve it. " Work schedule Mon 6am-9am UFC gym 530 - 8pm Anytime Fitness 930pm -2am Minx Tues 3pm - 10pm UFC gym 12am - 3am Minx Wed 4pm - 9pm UFC gym 10pm - 3am Minx Thur 3pm - 10pm UFC gym 12am - 3am Minx Fri 6am - 9am UFC gym 3pm - 9pm UFC gym 930pm - 4am Minx Sat 8am - 4pm UFC gym 10pm - 4am Minx Sun 10pm - 3am Minx

Mind.Body.1 | G. Money (@leaguebound7) Instagram Profile Photo leaguebound7

Mind.Body.1 | G. Money

Behind the Scenes: The Great @dustinpoirier and @mrmentalmuscle giving a little insight to the importance of and consistent mental !!!! @themindbody1 @themindbody1 @themindbody1 - - - - - - - - - - #boxing - - - - - - - - - - Ask How @themindbody1 Can Help Get Your Right! - - - - - - - - - - DIFFERENT FOR A REASON ‼️

Tru School Sports (@truschoolsports) Instagram Profile Photo truschoolsports

Tru School Sports

The welterweight divisions is pretty interesting, with @errolspencejr winning lastnight in his home state. You have @tbudcrawford , @showtimeshawnp , @mannypacquiao .....and of course @dannyswiftgarcia who has stated that he wants all the "smoke." Who would fans like to see @dannyswiftgarcia fight after the @showtimeshawnp fight? . . . Like & comment down below 👍, ➡follow @truschoolsports⬅ for more Boxing updates . . . #Boxing

Justin Edwards (@jisaiahe) Instagram Profile Photo jisaiahe

Justin Edwards

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Progress 6-27-18 11 Minute round of jumprope #boxing

🔥🔥🔥KROSSTOP🔥🔥🔥 (@_krosstop_) Instagram Profile Photo _krosstop_


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