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My shoulders and triceps are still sore from the hour of chaturangas/tricep holds on Friday 💪🏼🔥💥. . . So instead of jumping into tonight’s tricep push-ups I did a warm-up yoga flow 🧘🏻‍♀️ and then snuck my push-ups in 😉. . . I also cooked up a storm for tomorrow’s brunch 👩🏼‍🍳 so excited to try all these new recipes 👌🏼. . .



Treinadora Dornelas (@treinadora_dornelas) Instagram Profile Photo treinadora_dornelas

Treinadora Dornelas

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Dizer que não há nada para aprender com alguém é se sentir o dono de toda sabedoria... esse não tem mais espaço para aprendizado e muito menos capacidade para ensinar!!! Quanto mais estudo mais entendo que preciso estudar mais... 1 dia do Congresso Baiano de Fisiologia. Bom demais estar próxima de grandes profissionais da área de saúde!!! Gratidão 🙏 por essa oportunidade que me agregou como profissional 🙌🏾 Evolução sempre...🦋📚🦋 Quer ajustes de Treinos? Serviço Personal ou Consultoria? @treinadora_dornelas Para melhores informações agendar pelo whats profissional da Treinadora: _________________________ Dornelas Assessoria Trainer *Agendamentos: 71 99284-7278 WhatsApp Consultora On Line & Personal Trainer Profissional habilitado CREF 4427 G/Ba 🤜🏼☠️🤛🏿 Dornelas 👊🏼 weight

Instagram Image by J (@jyokairei) with caption : "I know many people are #addicted to #coffee and #tea. Some like #beer, #wine and hard liquor. However, I simply love #dr" at Penang, Malaysia - 1874270912535296048

I know many people are to and . Some like , and hard liquor. However, I simply love fruit juices and plain water. Once the doctor told me, "Stop drinking , your sugar level is high." Sob... so I ended up drinking more water. The minimal daily of water for me is about 4 litres. I am a cow but I like medium rare . Lol. * Do you know the land mammal which consumes the most water per pound of #bodyweight is the ? A single cow can consume up to 100 gallons of a day during months. * animals are composed but extremely obstinate. I think I fit the bill too. #🤣🤣 My husband and good friends know how stubborn I can be and it is never easy for them to change my mind. Hence, sometimes people like me have to get knocked against the walls several times before realising the pain. * Perseverance, resilience and determination are but they can also be one's greatest too. Thus, as I grow older, I learnt that everything needs a .

Jordan aka Jord! (@jord_bon_) Instagram Profile Photo jord_bon_

Jordan aka Jord!

Really good session today. Burning off that @doughnuttime_uk doughnut 😅 it was truly strength and conditioning as my workouts consists of these days. 1&2) Began working on my core and upper body strength with some basic gymnast movement exercises on the rings. Great way to improve my elasticity and flexibility in my muscles. Finishing with strict form dips. 3) 3 3-minute round bag work working on technique but also speed and to get a sweat going. 4) 3 sets of squats (40kg, 60kg then 80kg). Not done weighted squats in ages so lost strength there but that doesn't matter to me as long as I can lift roughly my own bodyweight that's what is important and keeping form. 5) 3 sets of 100kg on deadlift with a 60kg warm up set. Not sure on my form on this I can never tell but if @aespin7 filming me says it's good then 👌 though he could be lying 🤣😅 Also did bench for 3 sets (40kg, 60kg and 80kg) but those vids are deaddddd so not loading them. #bodyweight

Action Jean (@gianlucasorci) Instagram Profile Photo gianlucasorci

Action Jean

Con oggi si è conclusa la prima settimana dello @spartansystemvoghera. Tante emozioni provate nello spiegare questo che personalmente mi ha dato tanto e allo stesso modo vorrei provassero tutti i praticanti. È un metodo a tutti gli effetti, non semplice e parecchio dispendioso, è fondamentale l'alimentazione; proprio perché é faticoso tanto da arrivare al limite delle tue possibilità, ti forgia nel oltre a migliorare le capacità e . Fortunatamente posso contare su un da far invidia e questa é la cosa più importante, avanti così ragazzi, ci toglieremo soddisfazioni. @spartansystem • • • • #bodyweight

Suzanna Stroganova (@recoveringsuz) Instagram Profile Photo recoveringsuz

Suzanna Stroganova

image by Suzanna Stroganova (@recoveringsuz) with caption : "✨
I feel so ordinary and silly, but I can’t help looking at my legs and hating all the #cellulite. I think I’m what th" - 1874269043890666704
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✨ — I feel so ordinary and silly, but I can’t help looking at my legs and hating all the . I think I’m what they call or . I get that some cellulite is totally normal and healthy for women, but I’m sure I’m carrying a little extra. I guess I’ll just keep trying to eat healthy and work out to hopefully one day smooth out those bumps and ridges. — #BodyWeight

🍍Јɸcελψи Ξ. Rεψεσ🍍 (@iandifitlife) Instagram Profile Photo iandifitlife

🍍Јɸcελψи Ξ. Rεψεσ🍍

🧗🏾‍♀️Just Getting Started And I'm So Not In The Mood💪🏾😫 Can you tell?👀☺ #bodyweight 💛