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Fernando Omar Trujillo (@dj.oboy) Instagram Profile Photo dj.oboy

Fernando Omar Trujillo

- Playa Hata #bobbycaldwell - What you won't do for love


an animated video for tupac’s song “ do for love” recorded in 1996 but later released in 1997 after his death | | | #bobbycaldwell | | | | | | | | |


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alaina janae

image by alaina janae (@justalaina22) with caption : "#startmyday #bobbycaldwell" - 1827770796085528617
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Summer Soul 🎶. BobbyCaldwell | “What You Won’t Do For Love” (1978). ・ Old myths have a way of sticking around. Especially the one about Bobby Caldwell being black. It’s been 37 years since Caldwell broke through with the soul classic “What You Won’t Do For Love,” and yet, some are still shocked when they find out the singer is white. “Quite honestly, I never thought I sounded black,” says Caldwell. “I thought I sounded like a white guy that was influenced by R&B music. ・ He signed with TK Records in Miami. In 1978, after songs for his first album were recorded, executives told him they enjoyed the album but thought it was lacking a hit. Caldwell returned to the studio for two days and wrote "What You Won't Do for Love". TK was mainly an R&B label popular among African American listeners. Executives at the label wanted to conceal that Caldwell was white, so they kept his face off the album cover. When he toured with Natalie Cole to support the album, most of the audience was black and many were surprised that he turned out to be white. ・ What is also interesting is that people don’t make this discovery through other songs of his, considering that he’s been sampled by the likes of Biggie (“Sky Is the Limit” sampled “My Flame”) and Common’s most famous song, “The Light,” is based on Bobby Caldwell’s song “Open Your Eyes,” among a whole SLEW of others; Dilla sampled more than a few times. And who doesn’t love Dilla? ・ These days, Caldwell is both confused about his enduring appeal and grateful. “Well y’know, I don’t know how I escaped this, it certainly wasn’t intentionally that I was able to have the success, to be embraced by black radio. But somehow, they all loved this cracker with the blonde hair, and I just don’t know what I did!” Caldwell adds that TK’s scheme turned out to be a blessing, because it not only broadened his audience, but gave him an incredibly loyal fan base. “All I know is, I look out in the audience today, and I have a demographic that’s mind-boggling.” ・ #bobbycaldwell

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Domonique Dennis

Bobby Caldwell “what you won’t do you for love”

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Joan Charfauros

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Friday vibes. Love me some Bobby Caldwell.

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This song is dope 😁💯👍🏼👌🏼😎😋 #bobbycaldwell

image by @indiviolette with caption : "I thought this picture was aesthetically pleasing so here it is #bobbycaldwell #nicesky"- 1827263044465888411
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I thought this picture was aesthetically pleasing so here it is #bobbycaldwell

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From this past Monday's Hustle session with @thejoysofverass 😁Glad to see you back in the scene and leveling up! Yeee! 🙌🏽 . . . #bobbycaldwell