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Aphrodite & Icarus (@gamingfortwo) Instagram Profile Photo gamingfortwo

Aphrodite & Icarus

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Spencer Hopkins (@boardgamephoto) Instagram Profile Photo boardgamephoto

Spencer Hopkins

image by Spencer Hopkins (@boardgamephoto) with caption : "Paperwork

Check out the details in a larger version of the photo that you can scale up and move around — click the link" - 1787388150260452877
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Paperwork Check out the details in a larger version of the photo that you can scale up and move around — click the link in my bio. #boardgames @zmangames_


Vladimir Orellana (@seniorwatashi) Instagram Profile Photo seniorwatashi

Vladimir Orellana

image by Vladimir Orellana (@seniorwatashi) with caption : "We got our copy of #gaiaproject today #boardgames #tabletop" - 1787388029497793379
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We got our copy of today #boardgames

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is a popular game with the gang. It's not as accessible as Azul., and we all make multiple mistakes, but it's a solid game once you get the hang of it. #boardgames

Jessica Williams (@rvabooks_barrels) Instagram Profile Photo rvabooks_barrels

Jessica Williams

image by Jessica Williams (@rvabooks_barrels) with caption : "Celebrating #nationalwineday with #rosé and some Wine-Opoly! #datenight #friday #wine #boardgames" - 1787387741190114071
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Celebrating with and some Wine-Opoly! #boardgames

Erica - Libations & Nerdery ( Instagram Profile Photo

Erica - Libations & Nerdery

image by Erica - Libations & Nerdery ( with caption : "Gonna make some people sleep with the fishes tonight. 🔫☠️🐴 Playing a little The Godfather: Corleone's Empire.
#boa" - 1787387704138750176
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Went with the squid, now I have to dig through various online Dwarvish dictionaries to find the translations for “ordinance,” “caution,” “no step” and “mind the gap” #boardgames

Ricardo miguel Ferreira (@boardgamefriendly) Instagram Profile Photo boardgamefriendly

Ricardo miguel Ferreira

image by Ricardo miguel Ferreira (@boardgamefriendly) with caption : "What’s the Game #boardgamefriendly #gamenight #boardgamersviana #boardgames #boardgamegeek" - 1787387261588307257
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Boardgamebod (@boardgamebod) Instagram Profile Photo boardgamebod


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Love this game!! Such good fun to play.. can understand why so many people are playing it right now. Don't think I'll get bored of it! Can be rather tactical too... still need to master which strategy is best for high point scoring, have tried a few different approaches, what's yours? 😊 #boardgames

Anthony Pipitone (@koalatesla) Instagram Profile Photo koalatesla

Anthony Pipitone

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Played the 2-player version of by @czech_games_edition with lovely. Much more difficult than standard version, in my opinion.