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image by Derreck Ash (@ninjaspartan90182) with caption : "This is perfection! #funkybuddha #funkybuddhabrewery #stickytreats #blondeale #vanilla" - 1875654106628461607
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This is perfection! #blondeale

🔥TUS RECARGAS RECARGADAS🔥 . . en El Refugio! 🤩Por cada recarga de growler de 2 LITROS en Estación Sur, te llevas un sello. 🔛 Completá los 10, y llévate una recarga de 2 LITROS GRATIS! 🍺🍺🍺 . . 🔺Vení ya por tu tarjeta y empezar a sumar. Válido por 45 días a partir del primer sello! 🔺 . . 📹 @juanitocaptura & @danielasue #blondeAle

Discovery Wines Bermuda (@discoverywinesbda) Instagram Profile Photo discoverywinesbda

Discovery Wines Bermuda

AnimA If you haven't tried our Craft Italian Beers .....Check out what your missing We Have 6 different styles.... From 4% ABV up to 8% ABV #BlondeAle 4.9% #BlondeAle 5.2% #BlondeAle 6.7% 6.7% 7% 7.8% 🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺

Brad Singleton (@briarscratch) Instagram Profile Photo briarscratch

Brad Singleton

image by Brad Singleton (@briarscratch) with caption : "Making a triumphant twelve ounce return on October 12th. #creekbank #blondeAle #volunteer #wheatbeer #orangeandwhite #Dr" - 1875593819095620292
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Making a triumphant twelve ounce return on October 12th. #blondeAle

Matt P. & Jeff R. Home Brewing (@mmpjmrbrewing) Instagram Profile Photo mmpjmrbrewing

Matt P. & Jeff R. Home Brewing

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Batch 9 - The Blonde Experiment This brew was a very simple blonde ale. The primary intention of this brew was to test a few new processes and procedures. While, of course, great beer is always the goal, we stayed simple with this beer, focusing more on the process rather than the end product. This experiment will allow us to lay a foundation for improvements to processes on future, more “complicated” beers. This beer was a simple 2-Row base, with a little Caramel 40 and Vienna malt. Hops were Centennial and a little Cascade. Yeast was WY1056. Water profile was heavy with sulfate, to accentuate the hops and perceived dryness. A low mash temperature was used to further dry out the beer. It was our goal to make this beer crisp, light and refreshing. It finished at 1.006, around 4.4% ABV. Process goal number 1 for this beer was to nail down our complete brewing process. Hit our efficiencies. Hit our volumes. And we nailed them all. 74% brewhouse efficiency. OG and FG within 0.01 of our targets. Our volumes were also spot on. Process goal number 2 was to create the clearest beer possible. A sufficient vorlauf, kettle fining with Irish moss, an extended cold crash, and keg fining with gelatin were used in an attempt to achieve beer clarity. Pictures show the result. A beer you can read through. We will follow this same process on all future “clear” beers. Process goal number 3 was to create a system of bottling beer from our kegs. It is our intention to enter competitions in the near future, and providing fresh, properly carbed samples is very critical. It is our intention to have a months old bottled beer taste/look/smell/feel the same as it did coming out of our taps. This will be an on going process. Which we will report on in the future! Always learning. Always refining. Always improving. #blondeale

Leroy's Tavern (@leroystavern729) Instagram Profile Photo leroystavern729

Leroy's Tavern

image by Leroy's Tavern (@leroystavern729) with caption : "Now serving Kingdom Blonde Ale! It’s also mug Monday and import mugs are only $5.00 today! 🤩 We can still celebrate a Ch" - 1875558354190124982
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Now serving Kingdom Blonde Ale! It’s also mug Monday and import mugs are only $5.00 today! 🤩 We can still celebrate a Chiefs victory the day after..😏 #blondeale