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💜 Blessed 💜 (@cherokeeheartfitness) Instagram Profile Photo cherokeeheartfitness

💜 Blessed 💜

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Can you relate? I hope so! 😄 I hope you're having a really great day! If not I believe it will get better! 😀Thank You Jesus for your gift of joy!🙏💜 . Credit for video I edited is from @hoodclips. . #Blessed


Mallorie Lopez Bautista (@proverbs31life4christ) Instagram Profile Photo proverbs31life4christ

Mallorie Lopez Bautista

image by Mallorie Lopez Bautista (@proverbs31life4christ) with caption : "Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: Education is the bringing up of a child…education comprehends all that series of instruction " - 1845963665485666707
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Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: Education is the bringing up of a child…education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations. #blessed


BRONX FINEST (@dj_jose_jose) Instagram Profile Photo dj_jose_jose


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The Lewis’™️| SF, CA (@thelewis_show) Instagram Profile Photo thelewis_show

The Lewis’™️| SF, CA

First off... I'd like to say Welcome 🙏🏽 all of our new followers and THANK YOU. Y’all are LIT! There was so much controversy over our post on @Theshaderoom about this and that, but mostly we were criticized for not letting our kids have their own individuality. 🙄SMH. The real kicker is that, I stopped the matchy-matchy shit, because: 1. EVERYONE does it. 2. Coordinated looks let us each have our own style while still representing as a unit. It's so annoying, when ppl turn something so positive, into negative. Y’all missed the part that said I’ve been married for 10 years, and my kids have the same father. So kids, don’t try this at home, with your 6 month boyfriend because you have baby fever, he ain’t the Tylenol to bring that shit down when you start feeling sick. Call it what you want, I’m living my best life! I didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get to where I am. I didn’t have to change my body, (boobs don’t count after kids )😂, I didn’t have to dim anyone else's light for me to shine. We are progressing simply, because of authenticity, hard work, dedication, and commitment. God Bless you! I ain’t got time for the negative BS. 😂 #Blessed

image by @ryan_guhh with caption : "theatre of dreams #blessed"- 1845963588034293330
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theatre of dreams #blessed

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He said forget a snack I want a whole meal #blessed

Justin Bieber (@playtimeforbed) Instagram Profile Photo playtimeforbed

Justin Bieber

image by Justin Bieber (@playtimeforbed) with caption : "Dad? @justinbieber" - 1845963506143295583
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TALI__PHOTOGRAPHY (@tali__photography) Instagram Profile Photo tali__photography


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We are so proud to have such amazing clients like Beth & Nick and truly truly blessed for being surrounded by brilliant vendors like Nadja from @ars_festum who created a wedding with her team straight out of a fairytale ♥️#blessed

Jeferson PersonalMonstro (@jefersonandrademonstro_) Instagram Profile Photo jefersonandrademonstro_

Jeferson PersonalMonstro

E assim foi mais um daqueles nossos treininhos de leve. continua sendo o nosso melhor treino da semana. Depois minhas alunas (os) querem que eu pegue leve com elas, (eles). Se eu não tenho pena nem da minha pessoa, eu terei com vocês? Aqui sempre será sem dengo bbs!!! #🐉 #blessed #blessed @powerforma_ @powerforma_ @powerforma_