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image by Dayner (@dayner_g200) with caption : "You are much more than what you think! ✨#blackandwhitephotography" - 1828034548660147325
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You are much more than what you think! ✨#blackandwhitephotography


Katie Sunshine (@everydaykatieo) Instagram Profile Photo everydaykatieo

Katie Sunshine

Instagram Image by Katie Sunshine (@everydaykatieo) with caption : "Pensive boy cooling down. #reflections#blackandwhitephotography#boy#myson#water" at Buffalo, New York - 1828034123365696228

Pensive boy cooling down. #blackandwhitephotography

Draculissa (@dracullissa) Instagram Profile Photo dracullissa


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« Elle jouait au piano avec un toucher léger mais plein d'assurance, ses propres morceaux étranges quoique mélodieux. » {Anne Rice-Entretien avec un vampire} photography

When Shadows Grow Longer (@ilke_eriz) Instagram Profile Photo ilke_eriz

When Shadows Grow Longer