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Renata Jernigan (@renata_realtorlife) Instagram Profile Photo renata_realtorlife

Renata Jernigan

image by Renata Jernigan (@renata_realtorlife) with caption : "3 more days to the NBA Draft! 🚨Lottery Sleeper alert: @23.savage23 •
#repost 📸: @nbadraftcentral 
Mitchell Robinson is" - 1804634236164888485
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3 more days to the NBA Draft! 🚨Lottery Sleeper alert: @23.savage23 • • 📸: @nbadraftcentral Mitchell Robinson is one of the more interesting prospects in this year’s draft and there’s no wonder why the Lakers have reportedly guaranteed him their first round pick. Robinson would’ve been a lottery pick this year if he attended any University, but instead he decided to skip college all together, and prepare for the draft instead. Why would he be a lottery pick you may ask? Well firstly, Robinson is a true 7’0 with great athleticism that blocks shots left and right. He’s also a great athlete and is not a bad perimeter shooter. Some teams reportedly highly interested in @23.savage23 are @Lakers @washwizards @bucks #bilingual


Детские книжки на английском (@englishbook_kids) Instagram Profile Photo englishbook_kids

Детские книжки на английском

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Самая добрая на свете книжка про собачонка 🐶 Очередная книжечка от Scholaslic. 📝 новая 📖 мягкая обложка 📚 размер 20*25 💵 цена 330 руб 📗Все книги в одном экземпляре, если количество не указано в описании 📗Оплата на карту Сбербанка 📗Можно «копить» книги (оплачивать выбранную и ждать следующих выкладок, чтобы сэкономить на доставке сразу нескольких книжек). #bilingual

BAY👽♥️🌎 (@bebushkamonetti) Instagram Profile Photo bebushkamonetti


G L A M ✨ S Q U A D 🔥💅🏼👱🏽‍♀️♥️👗💞🖌🎨🤪💇🏽‍♀️🏆✌🏽🖼🥇😝 . Say hello to the ✨ 🎨: @calvinbrockingtonartistry . 💇🏽‍♀️: @melodevenomartistry . 💅🏼: @da_creole_ladii Us artists.. who are we without the folks who bring out and enhance our beauty so we can go out into the world and speak confidently about our passion and achievements, all while looking and feeling good about the great things we create. I’m shouting out these three individuals not JUST because @calvinbrockingtonartistry is a beast with the brush 🖌 or because @melodevenomartistry whipped up this ponytail 👱🏽‍♀️for me in a heartbeat or because @da_creole_ladii consistently!!!! slays my nails.. 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼 It’s their PERSONALITIES and their PROFESSIONALISM that I appreciate 💕 Yesterday was 👨🏾and another milestone in my career 🥇 and it’s not enough anymore to just have people provide services.. it’s about the energy they come at you with when you’re in the middle of managing multiple streams of income and juggle multiple responsibilities not to mention prepping for something big enough to cause one anxiety!!! Lol.. It’s about their bubbly 🤪personalities or their ease and willingness to tweak and adjust something that’s good and make it something GREAT without complaint. It’s about the fact that they make you laugh and make the moments you sit in their chair so enjoyable that you look forward to seeing them again 😂🤣🤗It’s about feeling like you can actually build friendships with these people 🤝 So guys, I know I’ve thanked you so many times in person but I want to thank you again for making my special night(s) even more special. 💋 P.S. I’m not giving away where I got this stunning dress 👗 from so eat your heart out babies 💔😝 #bilingual

Sharlyn Lim (@sharlynloves) Instagram Profile Photo sharlynloves

Sharlyn Lim

Ended Sian Chay Charity Gala with my co-host funnyman Craig, raising a record $425,888 for Sian Chay & each $10 enabled the underprivileged free consultation, low cost medication, Acupuncture & Tuina. Additionally we raised $35,015 for rented flat dwellers of Yeo Chu Kang ( target was just $30k). Each $15 donated enables the underprivileged a daily necessity pack & a cute $15 came from a little girl's donation during the Reverse Auction. 👍👏👏👏 . 施比受 更有福 我也尽了我的棉力 其实 我答应今晚义务帮善济 也为了帮弱势群体 虽然主办单位最终还是准备了酬劳 但我婉拒了 不是不需要钱 只是在我能力范围许可下 我想能帮就帮 今晚我的心承载着满满的幸福与爱❤ 海纳百川 有容乃大 . . . . #bilingual

Kris & Gary @ Sloppy Joes (@sloppy_joes_streetfood) Instagram Profile Photo sloppy_joes_streetfood

Kris & Gary @ Sloppy Joes

image by Kris & Gary @ Sloppy Joes (@sloppy_joes_streetfood) with caption : "We will be here on Saturday to help these lovely people celebrate the opening of their new beautiful care giving nursery" - 1804625538585996563
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We will be here on Saturday to help these lovely people celebrate the opening of their new beautiful care giving nursery. If you are looking for a nursery,fancy a change or you have a handy small child you can grab and bring, come and have a nosey and grab a Sloppy Joe too! Fun & games for all the family 👪 #bilingual

Alt. Model 🇨🇦 Nat Tee H (@nat.tee.h) Instagram Profile Photo nat.tee.h

Alt. Model 🇨🇦 Nat Tee H

For all my people ❤️🇵🇱

Takenobu Nishimura (@samotake921) Instagram Profile Photo samotake921

Takenobu Nishimura

Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Platinum 👑 🇺🇸 🔬🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ for blue jeans との組み合わせ👖👟夏にお決まりのall white コーデカラー❗️❗前作のプラチナムに比べると、白みが強いかも🤔 しかしながら、爽やかな組合せには持っておきたい一足ですね😄 #bilingual

Saludos plebada (@nose.aguite) Instagram Profile Photo nose.aguite

Saludos plebada

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Birdies Day Care Center ( Instagram Profile Photo

Birdies Day Care Center

Dorte 🌷 (@hazel_lazuuh) Instagram Profile Photo hazel_lazuuh

Dorte 🌷

image by Dorte 🌷 (@hazel_lazuuh) with caption : "Der #start in die #wm2018 ⚽ lief für das @dfb_team ja leider #notsogood aber noch ist alles offen und vielleicht wird es" - 1804617546483417988
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Der in die ⚽ lief für das @dfb_team ja leider aber noch ist alles offen und vielleicht wird es ja noch was mit der #🇩🇪 ansonsten ist diesmal auch dabei #🇩🇰 ... Der Vorteil wenn man #bilingual ist. Ansonsten hoffe ich, dass die so bleiben, damit ich endlich wieder kann ist da, nur meinem Kreislauf gefallen die Temperaturschwankungen nicht #😐 #👑