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Lars Tribus (@larstribus) Instagram Profile Photo larstribus

Lars Tribus

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“No riding the track backwards!!” Wait, Can volunteers get fired? Thursday night Summer Solstice at Hunterdon County BMX! Officially “transferring” my way into summer last night! @gt_racersedge_bmx @flyracingusa @gtbicycles @gtmtbdirtjump @deitycomponents #bikelife

Supercross & Motocross (@supercross___motocross) Instagram Profile Photo supercross___motocross

Supercross & Motocross

image by Supercross & Motocross (@supercross___motocross) with caption : "Naked bike are the best 🔥
Rate it 1-1,000" - 1807593809838599745
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Naked bike are the best 🔥 Rate it 1-1,000

Adventure After All (@adventureafterall) Instagram Profile Photo adventureafterall

Adventure After All

Instagram Image by Adventure After All (@adventureafterall) with caption : "I went cycling with two women who are far fitter and talented than I am. Typically this would put me in a downward spira" at Victoria, British Columbia - 1807593708621564800

I went cycling with two women who are far fitter and talented than I am. Typically this would put me in a downward spiral of negative self talk. When I was younger, athletics of any sort was always a source of incredible shame. It is easy for me to get into that headspace.But I’m trying to change that. I’m asking myself what are reasonable expectations of performance right now. I’m trying to change my self- talk. I am trying to be mindful of those voices starting. And I am trying out some affirmations when they do occur. Sometimes prophylactically too! It is a work in progress, but today, it worked!! . . . #bikelife

EgyBike (@egybike) Instagram Profile Photo egybike


image by EgyBike (@egybike) with caption : "#egybike #egybikers #egybikeتحكم #bikelife #ride 💪🏻🚴🏻‍♂️👌🏻♥️🌸" - 1807593579998555057
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#bikelife 💪🏻🚴🏻‍♂️👌🏻♥️🌸

PowerCycle Brasil (@powercycle_brasil) Instagram Profile Photo powercycle_brasil

PowerCycle Brasil

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Esse domingo você poderá curtir um domingo mais zen! Vamos receber a psicanalista e astróloga Vera Gomes na nossa unidade em São Paulo. Ela irá contar como utiliza a astrologia como ferramenta para auxiliar no auto-conhecimento e impulsionar seu desenvolvimento pessoal. Em seguida teremos a aula de Flow Fit, que utiliza movimentos fundamentais do corpo somados em sequências desafiadoras, que gastam muita energia e exigem grande foco mental. Elevar corpo e mente, só aqui na Power Cycle.⚡ #bikelife