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Bee Rooted Bees (@beerootedbees) Instagram Profile Photo beerootedbees

Bee Rooted Bees

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I am always amazed at the uniqueness of each colony. This colony had begun building their combs off the branches, but around and within the leaves. #beesareamazing


Mātaki Kids (@matakikids) Instagram Profile Photo matakikids

Mātaki Kids

image by Mātaki Kids (@matakikids) with caption : "Here is a peek at our #patternedfabric #diybeeswaxwrapkits that the awesome @naturallypurewraps co. Help us create! So m" - 1825262165171803955
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Here is a peek at our that the awesome @naturallypurewraps co. Help us create! So much fun for kids and adults! Watch the children's faces light up when they see the wax melt away! Available in 3 sizes, send us a message if you are interested! #beesareamazing

LDBankey (@ldbankey) Instagram Profile Photo ldbankey


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I find nature SO amazing and fascinating. So the bee nest that was in this exact spot in my raised garden bed I found collapsed and empty this morning. I found nothing but a sweet dead bee. Crazily (and probably not intelligently) I dug through the remains of the dirt and found nothing. No other bee bodies, nothing. So I smoothed over the dirt and planted a pumpkin seed, because well - garden. While I was doing that I noticed a lone bee fly in and go down into a hole at the other end of the same raised bed underneath some ground cover planted there. So I think to myself maybe the other end was compromised and they switched ends with a bit of protection. While I was watering in the pumpkin seed two more bees came back and one seemed quite angry with me and stung my bum! 😬 I am wondering if by touching the deceased bee I was left with some sort of pheromone on me. Luckily I am not allergic (at least I have never reacted to a wasp sting 😕), but I will be on the alert for any strange feelings. I just went back out and found 4 bees digging away again. I checked quick and left! Fascinating! ##beesareamazing

Sugarpie Honeybunch Bees (@sugarpie.honeybunch.bees) Instagram Profile Photo sugarpie.honeybunch.bees

Sugarpie Honeybunch Bees

Sugarpie Honeybunch Bees (@sugarpie.honeybunch.bees) shared  Image on Instagram - 1823068834074737552
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Charrisdesigns (@charrisdesigns) Instagram Profile Photo charrisdesigns


image by Charrisdesigns (@charrisdesigns) with caption : "Literally the best honey I’ve ever tasted #statehoneycurators#honey#greatfood#favoritehoney#beesareamazing" - 1822645678948244059
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Literally the best honey I’ve ever tasted #beesareamazing

Organicmindfulmama (@organicmindfulmama) Instagram Profile Photo organicmindfulmama


image by Organicmindfulmama (@organicmindfulmama) with caption : "✌️🌈" - 1820926391182856461
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