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Angelic Noyola (@gangelic.noyola) Instagram Profile Photo gangelic.noyola

Angelic Noyola

image by Angelic Noyola (@gangelic.noyola) with caption : "Sesión de peluquería. #ones #horseshow #friends #light #baller #piercing" - 1806091850992313340
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Sesión de peluquería. #baller

Rey Emmel (@irey_emmel) Instagram Profile Photo irey_emmel

Rey Emmel

image by Rey Emmel (@irey_emmel) with caption : "THE GOOD OLD DAYZ x EDOUARD OBENICHE #technology #baller #indigo" - 1806091168653353976
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Isaiah Thomas FP (1.6k) (@it3central) Instagram Profile Photo it3central

Isaiah Thomas FP (1.6k)

image by Isaiah Thomas FP (1.6k) (@it3central) with caption : "IMO this isn’t even a debate right now... after one down season he still averages 19 and 5. But “hE hAd OnE gOoD sEasOn”" - 1806090728889481377
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IMO this isn’t even a debate right now... after one down season he still averages 19 and 5. But “hE hAd OnE gOoD sEasOn” And there are a lot of people who think he doesn’t even have a spot in the NBA. Anyone who has even watched a little of him play could tell he was hurt last season and didn’t have the same explosiveness. And also it’s funny how before he was playing the Cavs were already had one of the worst defenses in the NBA but as soon as he comes back they’re still a bad defensive team and all the blame gets put on him. On top of that I believe teams play like 8 preseason games so for him the first 8 games were basically preseason in him trying to get back into a rhythm. But it’s hard to do that when you get traded after only 15 games. He finally started to get his rhythm right before he had his season ending surgery. And let’s not forget about him being called a “team killer” or locker room killer” I know y’all love to believe every report by ESPN. A report like this first came out when he was in Boston. I believe it was by Chris Broussard (the guy who didn’t vote Avery Bradley into the All-Defensive team because he thought Devin Booker scored 70 on him when in reality Bradley didn’t play that game) but when he reported this, both current teammates and past teammates came out and said this wasn’t true and that they loved him in the locker room. Well anyways if you read this comment like and emoji or something because this took a long time lol @isaiahthomas

Apriskah Mejia (@iapriskah_mejia) Instagram Profile Photo iapriskah_mejia

Apriskah Mejia

image by Apriskah Mejia (@iapriskah_mejia) with caption : "Hot Leathers tent at the Durham Fair #skies #instasnow #polo #styles #family #baller" - 1806090418426532054
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Hot Leathers tent at the Durham Fair #baller

Dungan Karol (@wkaroldungan) Instagram Profile Photo wkaroldungan

Dungan Karol

image by Dungan Karol (@wkaroldungan) with caption : "IMG_0176 #train #sun #animals #sel #TagsForLikes #letskik #baller" - 1806090170869710268
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