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Teagan Kalei Meza (@teaganmeza) Instagram Profile Photo teaganmeza

Teagan Kalei Meza

image by Teagan Kalei Meza (@teaganmeza) with caption : "Weekend fun self tape time... I just noticed that one of Teag’s teeth on the top is coming in and I’m actually kind of s" - 1874573771542947645
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Weekend fun self tape time... I just noticed that one of Teag’s teeth on the top is coming in and I’m actually kind of sad about it. I was starting to really love the whole two missing top teeth stage on her, it was actually pretty darn cute. 😍💗☀️ I guess she won’t be wanting those for Christmas after all. 😜



CW Music Ltd. (@cwmusicvancouver) Instagram Profile Photo cwmusicvancouver

CW Music Ltd.

Did you miss the rock band auditions? No prob! We have another day of auditions on Saturday Sept. 29 @ 4:30!! See you then. 🎹🎸🔥 In the mean time... check out “The Unknowns” in their from “The House with a Clock in its Walls” film!

Andreanna Veith (@itsme_andree) Instagram Profile Photo itsme_andree

Andreanna Veith

if anything to the end. June 2010 . // i was asked about this today and was given SO MANY COMPLIMENTS that I figured I’d repost. First of its kind. Documentary. . @itsme_andree with @get_repost ・・・ FlashBackFriday when I was to a for a new artist and after holding the #Audition the most / thing happened, they cancelled the actual 🙄 : I didn’t the or it would have happened. or the poor @TaliaMaxine . Talk to her manager. to be able to both hire and work with being able to my and get them when I can @nickdemoura / by @fastentilt. @futhamuckers @_kenyaseeme_ @joejoegrooves @itspco @glenda23fp @barracuda808 @carol.prairie @mdcdance !.

GLASS HALF FULL ~ Natasha G (@nattysofficial) Instagram Profile Photo nattysofficial


@vickykaushal09 with @get_repost The Awesome Vicky Kaushal! Thank you for sharing this Vicky! It means a lot to New and Established Actors too! I restarted Acting since a year (I have been acting since I was a kid and had a break for a few years in between) For all actors, you know the drill! When you walk in to every studio, don’t knock without permission, ask if there is any ongoing audition and IF YOU FIT THE LOOK/SCREEN AGE?! If you do, YAY- you get an opportunity to audition!(some auditions are shortlisted where walk ins aren’t taken- don’t feel bad- simply ask the email and send your profile- trust me casting directors read every email) In the audition, this image of Vicky is such a common sight. Next step is the INTRODUCTION! I have added My Intro Video- taken by @nileshpatwa_ (swipe left) for all actors to learn! Standard format-Name, Age (screen age), Height, Side Profiles, Contact number (if they ask), Languages, Skills (dancing, singing, sports, cooking anything), recent work if any. Through this Insta Blog, I will share tips for all artists/actors who want to start acting or have started but are still confused/can’t get good audition leads! Trust me, first 6 months I was clueless- going to open auditions and not even sure if the quality of people/brand/team/budget is good! Or whether they’re genuine/fake/frauds! It happens in the industry as people will try to rob you by giving false hopes of giving you work! Also, I have now joined a casting team, to find out all the process behind it! Yass actors, I am now Casting as well (luckily with a very good team) I meet so many actors- who are confused/lost/want tips EMAIL PROFILE TO 😎 Follow my highlights fot TIPS ・・・ Vicky says, ‘Once upon a time, when I would say “Sir, am I fit for the audition?” even in my sleep. God has been kind in my journey so far 😊🙏 Also, I have grown an inch taller since then, don’t know if this is even possible after a certain age’ #audition