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Odd Humans (@oddhumansart) Instagram Profile Photo oddhumansart

Odd Humans

image by Odd Humans (@oddhumansart) with caption : "To those who were watching  my story it completely cut off!!😡Then I made another one and it says it’s not usable. I’ll g" - 1787195414559999376
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To those who were watching my story it completely cut off!!😡Then I made another one and it says it’s not usable. I’ll get better at it. Just frustrated you couldn’t see the process.. progress


Amelia Louise Carter (@meialoue) Instagram Profile Photo meialoue

Amelia Louise Carter

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Okay so someone requested for me to do a process video and I know this isnt that great and I still havent finished the illustration but I thought id give it a go anyway!! Some of the processes in this video i usually do at the end like when i go over it with the charcoal brush but I wanted to show it in the video so i did it a bit early 😊 let me know if youd like to see more/ less stuff like this in the future 😄 Ps I find it really hard to draw with one hand so some of my movements are a bit off haha D: Update: some of its glitched out and it goes way too fast so if u have any questions feel free to ask 💖💖💖 progress

silk_nips (@silk_nips) Instagram Profile Photo silk_nips


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We luv some quality art puberty!!! Look at that fucking GLO UP SIS progress

ESTOOKIN ANDREEN (@estookin) Instagram Profile Photo estookin


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INDUSTRIAL SHOWDOWN (Linocut) 2018 schoolwork at Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool. Supervisor: Ardo Sägi progress

Caro ✒ fineliner enthusiastic (@carobtartist) Instagram Profile Photo carobtartist

Caro ✒ fineliner enthusiastic

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UPRECYCLE process What was used is now new. And shiny! And witchy ☽ 🚀 I will also probably add that I used my own photo stock for the moth references Thx to everyone who visited the live. #artprogress

My artwork, then and now. 🎨 My Grandmother is doing a big house clean and she keeps unearthing old drawings of mine and then sharing them with me. I intend to frame one to remind myself of the value of daily practise. 💕 My studio assistant 🐈 is always happy to pose for life drawings after all! Might as well take advantage. 🎨😀👍🏻 . . . . . #artprogress