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Krithika Radhakrishnan (@follow__ur__passion) Instagram Profile Photo follow__ur__passion

Krithika Radhakrishnan

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...completed "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. ---------------------- #artcompetition ---------------------



Canadian Wineries (@canadianwineries) Instagram Profile Photo canadianwineries

Canadian Wineries

image by Canadian Wineries (@canadianwineries) with caption : "Click the link in the bio to participate to the LIVE VIRTUAL WINE TREASURE HUNT(opens in messenger) !
#worldsbestwinerie" - 1825848925702532959
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Click the link in the bio to participate to the LIVE VIRTUAL WINE TREASURE HUNT(opens in messenger) ! This photo gives me incredible pride for all I have worked hard for. This year has been full of so many successes and growing pains in my art career but I feel on top of my game right now. I had my first solo show this year, have been accepted into many juried shows, was asked to be the VP of SAGA and now this! Art means everything to me and I am fortunate enough to have a community who supports it! Thanks to everyone who makes it easier for people like myself to continue creating! @vinoscenti_vineyards If you want to hear about this amazing competition I was chosen for you can read more @ entertainment/three-seasons-art-competition-at-surrey-winery-features-friday-showcase/ #artcompetition A post from @melissa_burgher_art

GALLERY龍屋 (@gallerytatsuya) Instagram Profile Photo gallerytatsuya


Instagram Image by GALLERY龍屋 (@gallerytatsuya) with caption : "「TATSUYA ART COMPETITION 2018」



年齢制限、作品についてなど、規約変更があるので、出展申し込" at Gallery Tatsuya - 1825835268932306659

「TATSUYA ART COMPETITION 2018」 出展者募集開始まで、あと3日です。 来年の個展、アートフェア、百貨店出展作家はタツコン出展者の中から選抜します。 年齢制限、作品についてなど、規約変更があるので、出展申し込み前に必ず、出展規約を確認お願いします。 タツコン出展者募集「7月21日(土)AM10:00〜」スタート。 全国の作家の皆様、参加よろしくお願いします。 competition

The One Academy (@theoneacademy) Instagram Profile Photo theoneacademy

The One Academy

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✨We are just 3 days away from D-Day! Excitement awaits you! #ArtCompetition

image by J. (@jmjartwork) with caption : "Rest in power" - 1825814958702895139
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Rest in power

Graphic Designer (@markevis_designs) Instagram Profile Photo markevis_designs

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer (@markevis_designs) shared  Image on Instagram - 1825795189874927036
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💔🗻🏁 Grill master 💔🗻🏁 (@pollensshit) Instagram Profile Photo pollensshit

💔🗻🏁 Grill master 💔🗻🏁

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~ART COMPETITION~ Draw/edit me a proflie photo in celebration of 150+ followers. •Rules•: 1. Enter with the hastag 2. Have me, an oc or something I like in it 3. Has to be in before 15th of september 3. If you win you'll be credit for my pfp The other stuff there is my ocs in order, Daniella, Jordan, Lydia, Claire, Rich, and Damian. ☆Prizes☆ 1. Credit in my bio, story shout out and a full watercolour portrait of whoever you want. 2. A Story shout out and a line art head shot 3. A story shout out #artcompetition