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Gratitude Day 21 🌏🔮✨SACRED SPACE✨🔮🌏 Special trinkets, sacred art, my favourite maiden hair fern and a lot of beautiful crystals make up a little altar on the mantle in my home. This is a place I love to cherish myself, read cards, meditate and hold my home practice when it's wet or cold outside. I'm so grateful to even have a place I can call "my altar" in my own home 🤗 it's a wonderful gift to myself and others that come and enjoy this space too. I love it! 😍 If you love crystals, scroll along, I've added a few favs: amethyst, fluorite, apophyllite and a sweet little amazonite palm stone 🌏🔮✨💕 Artwork by @autumnskyeart 🙌🌏


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Top quality star-shaped Apophyllite crystal from Maharashtra, India


image by @crystalmagickshop with caption : "New palm stones in the shop! 🌝 link in bio"- 1875945972882816586
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New palm stones in the shop! 🌝 link in bio

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Gem Show Auctions & Sales

image by Gem Show Auctions & Sales (@kb.gemshow) with caption : "•Auction•
—Apophyllite and red Heulandite!
--Bidding is @ $5 bid in whole dollar increments.
-PLEASE NOTICE ends TOMORRO" - 1875888378461847440
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•Auction• —Apophyllite and red Heulandite! --Bidding is @ $5 bid in whole dollar increments. -PLEASE NOTICE ends TOMORROW morning at 10:30am Mountain Time. -Winner is the highest bidder before our comment "CLOSED" — for more deals. - #apophyllite - -@jennesaisquoi__ you are in the lead with $5. Bidding will continue here.

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image by Lunarcrystals (@lunarcrystallove) with caption : "Apophyllite and stilbite are two of my favorite crystals. Apophyllite are the clear points, they carry a high vibration " - 1875887328486895720
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Apophyllite and stilbite are two of my favorite crystals. Apophyllite are the clear points, they carry a high vibration and help soothe anxiety and fear. They help you heal from negative experiences and fill your life with light and happiness. Stilbite is a gentle vibration that helps calm and soothe a busy mind. Known to give off a nurturing almost parental supportive energy. Definitely two stones you want in your collection. #apophyllite

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🌕Full Moon Crystal Charging. I love my deeeep purple amethyst baby. 😍😍😍 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #apophyllite

By The Metropolitan Gypsy 🌙💄 ( Instagram Profile Photo

By The Metropolitan Gypsy 🌙💄

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Good morning, my IG family ☀️A little update, I’m still out of commission as I still am on break, and in and out of my doctors clinics, throw in a crap ton of back log 🤕 A little too overwhelming yes, but not complaining.. After all, busy is good. Right? RIGHT. 👋🏽😎 So back to business, in this photo are large Mahogany Obsidian tumbled stones at P550 each 💖✨ BTW, I still have raw amethyst points, Lapiz Lazuli and small raw Kunzite shards at P200 each, Ammonite Shells at P550 each, and big and small Blue Kyanite with varying prices, they’re all in my highlights ✨ P.S. To those who aren’t familiar with Mahogany Obsidian, I’ll be leaving it’s properties on the comment section below 🙋🏽‍♀️ Also, some shipments have (finally) arrived and am currently accepting customized bracelet orders, with the option for gold filled ball accents 💖✨

image by yu (@akimskyu) with caption : "#Apophyllite #Stillbite #魚眼石 #束沸石

触ったら欠片取れた。脆い。" - 1875821658537144587
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#Apophyllite 魚眼石と束沸石共生してる石。 どっちが境目かわからない。 触ったら欠片取れた。脆い。

🌸✨🏜ᏉᎯℒℒℰᎽ ℂℛᎽЅᏆᎯℒЅ🏜✨🌸 (@valley_crystals) Instagram Profile Photo valley_crystals


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✨Self Standing Apophyllite Cluster 132 Grams ✨ 2” ✨ $29.99 Comment SOLD to claim and I’ll send you a secure PayPal invoice. 🙏🏻If this is your first time shopping with me, please send me a message with the best email to send a PayPal invoice🙏🏻 . . . . . #apophyllite