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Chastenation™️ (@chastenation) Instagram Profile Photo chastenation


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Meet Annalise TURN UP YOUR SOUND WAIT FOR THE END “I DID IT”, She says! Such confidence after landing her shook. After everything she has been through TODAY she only worried about fighting fish! Our sweet, independent, loving, and sassy future Lady Angler! Annalise Marie Knorr was born (3 lbs 15 oz) One minute after her twin brother, Seth. Baby B (Annalise) had a 1 in 26 chance of having Down Syndrome but chose to forego any invasive testing as it wasn’t worth the risks. However the family had no warning that she would be born unable to swallow or eat. Annalise was born with esophageal atresia, her esophagus did not attach to her stomach and she was in respiratory distress. Within an hour of her birth she was at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St Pete and the next morning she had surgery to have a feeding tube placed. one month later, she underwent repair surgery to connect her esophagus to her stomach. she underwent numerous balloon dilatations to stretch her esophagus and break up the scar tissue as to avoid strictures. Had open heart surgery in June 2013, Though she is small, she is mighty…” describes her perfectly!!! @costasunglasses @onlyinayellowfin @pennfishing @mustadhooks @lowrancefishing @power.pole @bocacoast @outdoors360 @fishbrainapp @hookandgaff


Meaghan Meadows (@meagsmama86) Instagram Profile Photo meagsmama86

Meaghan Meadows

image by Meaghan Meadows (@meagsmama86) with caption : "My big eyed angel <3
#annalise#meltingmyheart#6monthsold" - 1805635544447057587
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My big eyed angel


annalise and jasmin ( Instagram Profile Photo

annalise and jasmin

Instagram Image by annalise and jasmin ( with caption : "Looking forward to some new and exciting upcoming projects! Stay tuned!!😁
#goat #goatlovers #dmforashoot #abjp" at Glens Falls North, New York - 1805580263376363847

Looking forward to some new and exciting upcoming projects! Stay tuned!!😁 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 #annalise

สินค้าพร้อมส่งครับ 🎉 (@notiva.bypktshop) Instagram Profile Photo notiva.bypktshop

สินค้าพร้อมส่งครับ 🎉

image by สินค้าพร้อมส่งครับ 🎉 (@notiva.bypktshop) with caption : "Calcium Loftybone 💯 อาหารเสริมเพิ่มความสูง
1 กระปุก ราคาเพียง 990บ.
ติดต่อ / สอบถาม 
Line : shoppkt
Line@ : @fvl3070b
#โ" - 1804480476637167529
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Calcium Loftybone 💯 อาหารเสริมเพิ่มความสูง 1 กระปุก ราคาเพียง 990บ. ติดต่อ / สอบถาม Line : shoppkt Line@ : @fvl3070b 💕#annalise

Blinkyboo Lashes (@blinkyboolashes) Instagram Profile Photo blinkyboolashes

Blinkyboo Lashes

image by Blinkyboo Lashes (@blinkyboolashes) with caption : "We love a little mention in your stories 🙌🏻😻 Loving this festival look using or #Annalise lashes 🌈✨💕" - 1804434848002172693
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We love a little mention in your stories 🙌🏻😻 Loving this festival look using or #Annalise lashes 🌈✨💕

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A little alternative to the usual glitter festival glam! 🌈😍 using @peachesmakeup pigments(hats by,famous,peaches and pearl) mixed with a mixing medium to make a liquid love this 😍 @blinkyboolashes #Annalise

image by Amanda (@crumpetqueen_amanda) with caption : "My babies playing together 😂🤗 #Annalise #Conner #lovely #Mybabies" - 1804394484848704019
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My babies playing together 😂🤗 #Annalise

✖️Rich Santiago✖️ (@rich_23) Instagram Profile Photo rich_23

✖️Rich Santiago✖️

Instagram Image by ✖️Rich Santiago✖️ (@rich_23) with caption : "Love these girls!
#Bells #Annalise #NYPD #Bronx
#Fathersday #MyBackUp" at Kingsbridge, Bronx - 1804006900457417148

Love these girls! #Annalise

jcvalle85 (@jcvalle85) Instagram Profile Photo jcvalle85


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God has blessed us with 3 beautiful daughters who loves you to them you are the best dad ever!! Happy Fathers Day!! #Annalise 😊😊

Lindsay Hefner (@lindsay_._hefner) Instagram Profile Photo lindsay_._hefner

Lindsay Hefner

image by Lindsay Hefner (@lindsay_._hefner) with caption : "Silly girl!
#annalise #dadshat #sunshine #beautiful #sillygirl" - 1803860282443997708
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Silly girl! . . . . . #annalise

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Yesterday my princess turned 7 #Annalise

Kayla Colyar (@kaylacolyar) Instagram Profile Photo kaylacolyar

Kayla Colyar

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To the BEST father I'm sure any daughter(s) could possibly ask for!!!!😃Who stepped up to the plate as a REAL MAN!!!!💪That I know for a fact #annalise and @corinnefoxx have NO QUESTION????That is of how a REAL...WONDERFUL...WELL MANNERED MAN should be!!!!👏Looking to him as an example!👀Whom also took...and of course STILL takes care of his responsibilities...AS A REAL MAN!!!!😀He is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING,WONDERFUL...SWEET...LOVING...CARING...PHENOMENAL...INCREDIBLE...SUCH A PERFECT SWEETHEART OF A PERFECT GENTLEMAN!!!!😍He's also HIGHLY MULTI-TALENTED...and AMAZING and INCREDIBLE...and WONDERFUL!!!!🙆Oh I said that already didn't I?It's BEAUTIFULLY bears repeating!!!!Am I surprised?That they are SOOOO well mannered...and BEAUTIFUL...and SWEET...and WONDERFUL?Uhhhh no because he is!😊Mr. @iamjamiefoxx himself!Happy Father's Day to you sweetheart!YOU deserve ANYTHING...AND EVERYTHING wonderful that comes your way!!!!🙌By the way I LIVE...and LOVE the picture of you Annalise...and Mr. @llcoolj himself!💞"Best Dress" is "ALWAYS AND FOREVER" my jam...for ALLLL of the obvious...beautiful reasons!!!!😉I am STILL SOOOO proud of y'all!!!!And I love you SOOOO much FOREVER and FOR ALWAYS!!!!😘

shankie04 (@shankie04) Instagram Profile Photo shankie04


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Annalise got adopted!! Aaron and I met Anna’s new mom today and I’m so happy for them both! Anna was a stray picked up during Hurricane Harvey. Lone Star rescued her from the shelter and got her all fixed up. I’ve fostered Anna since late January and she’s a gem. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a dog adopted and I’m so happy!! Yay!! Happy Tails Banana!! ❤️😊🐾🐶🎉🍌😍 #annalise 🎉🎉