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💚 Live clean 💚 ( Instagram Profile Photo

💚 Live clean 💚

image by 💚 Live clean 💚 ( with caption : "🍝 🍝 🍝

Seit fast 4 Jahren lebe ich inzwischen vegan und heute ist es das erste mal, dass ich mich zum Kochen an Tofu ver" - 1871159937936105635
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🍝 🍝 🍝 Seit fast 4 Jahren lebe ich inzwischen vegan und heute ist es das erste mal, dass ich mich zum Kochen an Tofu vergreife 🤙😅 Bisher habe ich mit Tofu nur wenig Erfahrung gesammelt, wenn ich mal aushäusig diniert habe und dabei kam es nur einmal vor, dass ich richtig begeistert war. Und zwar bei einem veganen Burger in einem Burgerladen in Aachen 🍔👌 Welche Gerichte mit Tofu esst ihr am allerliebsten? ❤ Gebt mir mal ein paar Empfehlungen 🤗 #animalrights

Activism Ireland (@activismireland) Instagram Profile Photo activismireland

Activism Ireland

* Freedom . Meet some of the residents of @backintodaylight_ along with Declan, who tirelessly provides them sanctuary and care. . Supporting local sanctuaries is one of the fundamental ways in which we can work towards animal liberation. . Imagine a world where all animals can live out their lives in peace. . Please consider supporting their work by visiting . Photo: @erichonestly Human: Declan Bowens Sanctuary: @backintodaylight_ .

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Yesterday i went with little Lizette to the vet to get het a hormone capsule so she would stop laying eggs. 🍀 Egg laying hens are a hybrid race of chickens. Naturally chickens dont lay eggs (almost) every day. Just like birds its 1 nest a year, with 12-24 eggs. Mankind geneticly modified hens so they would lay around 300 eggs a year at least. 🐔 This intensive egg laying is very hard for hens, especially in the hardship of factory farms, where lights are kept on 24/7 to make sure they lay as much as possible. 🐓 The internal organs of the hens are really used and broke and infections are so easily provoked. Pus isnt liquid with hens so the eggs get stuck inside because of the swelling and they can be very sick and in severe pain with death as a result. 💔 Thats why i give them a hormone capsule now, so they would stop laying eggs! ♥️ Hens suffer when they lay an egg, hens need to be fed the eggs back to them so they have enough nutrients to form an egg. They can get serious calcium deficiency and develop osteoporosis. 🐔 The eggs arent ours... We didnt make them, we didnt lay them and we dont need them. 🍀 Go vegan, for the animals, for the planet, for your health 💚 #animalrights

Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary (@saleranchsanctuary) Instagram Profile Photo saleranchsanctuary

Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary

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13,270... 31% to our goal, thank you guys! We are making progress but still need your help and need it right now. After 7 years of using our personal truck for the ranch it forever broke several months ago leaving us without a ranch truck. Picking up feed and taking our education booth out has been challenging and require multiple trips. In addition, my tiny car has been rescuing animals for over 5 years now and has taken a beaten too. Critically sick baby season is coming and we MUST have a realiable vehicle to respond to a rescue quickly and begin medical treatment. PLEASE consider giving $1 right now and help us take advantage of an amazing offer and get this much needed truck at a huge discount. Tax deductible donations can be made via the link in our bio of direct at just note truck in the comments. Thank you so much for your love and support of our mission to create a kinder world for all beings and together with you we can be the change. 💗 If you know anyone who can help us get the word out, please tag and share as well. . . . #animalrights

image by @uncaged_army with caption : "Vegan options are vast, and most importantly cruelty-free.
#Repost @peta
So you don't like kale? Fine, eat vegan i"- 1871158178618412510
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Vegan options are vast, and most importantly cruelty-free. • @peta • • So you don't like kale? Fine, eat vegan ice cream instead! Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to like kale ✌️ Being vegan means not eating, wearing, exploiting, or abusing animals. • • • #AnimalRights

Nofar Vegan-vibe (@nofar_vegan_vibe) Instagram Profile Photo nofar_vegan_vibe

Nofar Vegan-vibe

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Happy wonderful vegan "Mafseket" meal - the last meal before the 25 hours fast of "Yom Kippur" (jewish forgiveness day). May we all take the time to reconnect to ourselves, forgive ourselves and others, & make changes to be the better version of ourselves every day. Compassion, love freedom for everyone ❤ . . . . #animalrights