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➡️🤣🙈➡️ for some reason (*cough* ignorance) i thought sculpting a 3d face out of royal icing seemed like a fun challenge. i’ve done 5 competitions now and each time i find myself thinking WOW. this is by far the hardest thing i've ever attempted… which is great, okay sure. but damn. after ruining aly thursday night ( had already been thrown on the ground in a fit of rage) and realizing i didnt have enough dough (or time, lets be honest) to make a , i chiseled the icing off half wishing it would break so i could just give up. but shes @alyraisman of course she didnt fucking break so i curled up in a ball, cried my frustration out, accepted a glass of wine with my dinner then started over. she isn’t perfect but she IS progress and i can’t wait to bastardize the faces of countless others until i can look back on this first portrait and laugh. or maybe i’ll take the advice of best-in-show STUNNING portrait cookie creator @thomasblakescakes and use fondant next time... you know LIKE A SANE PERSON 🤦🏼‍♀️ .... ? . #alyraisman

image by Eva (@verticalcareers) with caption : "Happy #humpday Quotes are reminders and help me reflect on #today #positivequotes 🤗#positivemotivation 🙌🏼#gooddaysvsbadd" - 1785785655171873883
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Happy Quotes are reminders and help me reflect on 🤗 🙌🏼 😞😄 💪🏼 #alyraisman

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its been a while, ive been so busy with school exams and studying for those exams! but will post more often!💓 i hope this account helps all of you gymnasts out there!💓 #alyraisman

E D I T O R| #wst ⛓ (@tripletwisting_edits) Instagram Profile Photo tripletwisting_edits

E D I T O R| #wst ⛓

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Happy Tuesday💕 I really like this one❤️ - I took I while thought and I don’t know why😂 - Ft: @callmeswags - #alyraisman

♛Editing♛ 3.4k :) (@editsgymnast) Instagram Profile Photo editsgymnast

♛Editing♛ 3.4k :)

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Thought of you⭐️ - @callmeswags 💛 - Ac @arabianfull - This is dedicated to @reilly.fraser aka @frontaerialedits who has been a follower since the beginning! I absolutely LOVE all of your edits and thank you for sticking around since the beginning and always being supportive! You’re amazing ❤️ - - #alyraisman