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Don’t be afraid to start over and do it right. You can always change your mind. #adammathewsvideo



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The 2015 Freshman girls basketball squad at Desert Hills just GRADUATED high school! WHAT!? Love them gals. #adammathewsvideo

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Sun Warrior Shoot behind the scenes, with Shauna, Grandpa Graf, and Joseph Wilkins. #adammathewsvideo

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Assisted a talented filmmaker, Joseph Wilkins of Pro Creative last weekend as we shot a new spot for Sun Warrior nutrition products. Larissa Cottle did a fantastic job. She hung out most of the time, though. #adammathewsvideo

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Eathen appreciates the power of integrity and now has set sights on goals he will achieve with his new support system and drive. #adammathewsvideo

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Marshall Smith has been called to serve. #adammathewsvideo

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Trinity and Chasity learned a lot about fitness, health, and mostly, themselves. #adammathewsvideo

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Trinity and Chasity continue their weight loss challenge at Summit Athletic Club. Day 20. #adammathewsvideo

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Trinity and Chasity are taking the Summit Weight Loss Challenge. Day 7. #adammathewsvideo