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Jen Nielson (@jen_nielson) Instagram Profile Photo jen_nielson

Jen Nielson

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Called Out! What are friends for?! Thank you @karmsa for keeping me accountable! I’ve been slacking! So, I’m going to cram a bunch of social media updates into one! . . First, thank you for all of the birthday calls, texts, FB messages, flowers, sweets, and so much more! I’m one lucky gal. I most definitely enjoyed my MTB Ride date with Erik topped off with a guys night at Mexican on Tuesday, followed up by a little Women’s Wednesday night ride action with some of my faves. . . update: 1 point to @daniel_ahl, 2 points to @sycamorecycles , and I am giving this last round to @southpawcycles . The made a statement with their perfectly coordinated and extremely beautiful photo! BUT, I think the get credit for the danger/risk factor. They went BIG throwing caution to the wind trying to balance on slippery wet rocks. Get it girls! . . This week we went for SouthPaw Ninjas or maybe SouthPaw Banditos. Admittedly, it’s a little confusing and our main prop drove off muddling it a bit more. But, what’s not to love about getting to play with nerf guns?! Round’s looking pretty promising for Sycamore 😉 . . . #accessories


Wyrmscyld (@wyrmscyld) Instagram Profile Photo wyrmscyld


image by Wyrmscyld (@wyrmscyld) with caption : "Forgive the terrible photo. Check out our new hair pins fresh out of the shop 
#chainmaille #accessories #hairpins #hand" - 1827330907339879800
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Forgive the terrible photo. Check out our new hair pins fresh out of the shop #accessories


Camille Simington (@d.a.m.a.g.e.d_goods) Instagram Profile Photo d.a.m.a.g.e.d_goods

Camille Simington

image by Camille Simington (@d.a.m.a.g.e.d_goods) with caption : "“Wanted” All the way from London!Thank you for tagging us!

#accessories #leathergoods #picturemail #dusse #qualityo" - 1827330893606733857
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“Wanted” All the way from London!Thank you for tagging us! . . #accessories

mutakifah (@luim_im) Instagram Profile Photo luim_im


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[OPEN PAID PROMOTE PUBLIC HEALTH PROJECT 2018] merupakan usaha aksesoris handmade asal Bali yang menggunakan konsep Budaya dari Nusantara yang menggunakan batu permata asli. ingin memperkenalkan kembali budaya Nusantara yang mulai dilupakan oleh anak muda Indonesia. Batu Mulia/gemstone semenjak dahulu dipercaya memiliki energi yang dapat digunakan juga untuk kesehatan dan memiliki manfaat disetiap batu-batunya. ✨👑 Aksesoris dengan konsep budaya Nusantara, memberikan nilai emosional tersendiri untuk kalian yang menggunakannya 🔥 Selain cocok digunakan untuk fashion, aksesoris ini juga memiliki cerita dan manfaat disetiap aksesorisnya. Seperti penenang diri, kesehatan, aromatheraphy dan lain-lain 🍀🏞 Untuk selengkapnya dapatkan hanya di 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Order and Information : LINE : use "@" #accessories

Instagram Image by kotini (@kotinitiko) with caption : "BABY🕊淡水真珠のアクセサリー
オリジナルタッセルを合わせたシャビーでクラシカルなアイテ" at Takatsuki, Osaka - 1827330772107654612

BABY🕊淡水真珠のアクセサリー ・ 花以外でkotiniらしい何かを作りたくて 試作を繰り返してようやく生まれた子たち ・ 小粒淡水真珠を真鍮パーツにぎゅうっと閉じ込めたモチーフと オリジナルタッセルを合わせたシャビーでクラシカルなアイテムです ・ お花のアクセサリーとともに、こちらもよろしくお願いいたします🙇‍♀️ ・ ・ #accessories

Sato Naoko (@sato_naoko) Instagram Profile Photo sato_naoko

Sato Naoko

image by Sato Naoko (@sato_naoko) with caption : "I finished my work ....
Meals in summer bat for the first time in 2 days.
AM 11: 39 Now you can eat it!
Stable, 【kaku hi" - 1827330745740576746
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I finished my work .... Meals in summer bat for the first time in 2 days. AM 11: 39 Now you can eat it! Stable, 【kaku high ball】💕 My favorite Korean seaweed. French cheese snacks set. Pork cutlet. No vegetables! ! ! sorriso of【earring】 #accessories

لن نتخلى عنك🇸🇾عظيمٌ  يا وٓطني (@o_0_cu) Instagram Profile Photo o_0_cu

لن نتخلى عنك🇸🇾عظيمٌ يا وٓطني

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مرحبا أيها العالم هناك المظلومين يكافحون الآن للحصول علي ابسط حقوقهم......هناك أشخاص قمع وقتل إبنائهم لأنهم تظاهروا ليطالبون بحقوقهم وفي كل سلميه.......Hello world There are oppressed people struggling now to get their simplest rights ........There are people who suppress and kill their son's because they pretended to be demanding their rights and in every peaceful ther are we.....iraqi people so help us #accessories You can help by publishing a publication on your personal page and putting this hashtag ( ) with it. متخسرون شي : منشور و وياه هاشتاگ save_the_iraqi_people# ممكن ينقذ بلدكم...اذا وصلت عدد المنشورات الي على هالهاشتاگ للمليون راح تصير النة مظاهرة عالمية