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🌈Ms Wildstar✨ (@mswildstar) Instagram Profile Photo mswildstar

🌈Ms Wildstar✨

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Well, since I was recently talking about it on someone else’s Jem post, here it is! The one Jem production sketch that I own, since animation cels from Jem are quite hard to find and very pricey, accordingly. I think I paid about $15 for this, maybe six years ago? I matted it in the hot pink glitter, crooked, on purpose. It seemed appropriate. A few pics in it shows the entire frame, and you can see. Happy Totally 80s Tuesday, everyone!! 💖⭐️ 💖 #1980s



Boring Econoboxes (@nissanstanzawagon) Instagram Profile Photo nissanstanzawagon

Boring Econoboxes

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I’m back for another possibly *weekly* post. I want to try and either get more posts in or get another person to co-own this account with me. I’m trying my best to keep all of my accounts updated and balanced with posts but it has proven to be hard. I’ll be doing a poll on my story as to whether I should receive help from a friend with this account or to just post once or twice a week by myself. Now for the real highlight of this post: this beautiful Geo Prizm Hatchback. There is not a car in the world that yells “1990” more than this Prizm. That’s what makes this car so interesting and rad. To any normal person, this would be seen as a disposable beater. However, I see character within this vehicle. Whether it be the dope vinyl that stretches across the car or the worn out Geo hubcap that somehow still remains attached to it’s classic Geo steelie, this car is special. The hatchback version of the Prizm is even better than the normal sedan. Like the Corsica Hatch, the Prizm Hatch sold way less than the sedan version. That would explain why they’re so scarce nowadays! I believe that Geo was one of the best brands out there in the late 80s and early 90s. They had affordable and reliable cars for anyone and everyone. #1980s

Guido In LA (@guidoinla) Instagram Profile Photo guidoinla

Guido In LA

Instagram Image by Guido In LA (@guidoinla) with caption : "We just got in some great 70s and 80s dresses and blouses including this velvet and plaid taffeta number. I'm picturing " at Guido In L.A. - 1876339531995519651

We just got in some great 70s and 80s dresses and blouses including this velvet and plaid taffeta number. I'm picturing the best friend to the nemesis of the heroine in a John Hughes wearing this... I'll be posting more new arrivals throughout the day so keep checking back. We are continuing our 50% off sale through Sunday. . . . . . #1980s

fisemateur (@fisemateur) Instagram Profile Photo fisemateur


image by fisemateur (@fisemateur) with caption : "Dennis Hopper, Untitled Series 1987-1991 #dennishopper #graffiti #graffitiremoval #buffpainting #polaroid #contemporaryp" - 1876339298917071105
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Vintage UNC (@vintageunc) Instagram Profile Photo vintageunc

Vintage UNC

image by Vintage UNC (@vintageunc) with caption : "1975" - 1876338208557796497
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