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나연(Lucy) (@bbooya_boos) Instagram Profile Photo bbooya_boos


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❤️🍊🐻❤️ #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워


힐링슈아 (@healingshua) Instagram Profile Photo healingshua


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승관이 너무 이쁘다💓💓 마더OST 어떤사랑 엄청 좋으니깐 많이 들어주세요ㅜㅜㅜ . . . . . . _노래해줘서_고마워 #💓

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_ 擁抱彼此 感受彼此吧 什麼都能挺過去的 #💘 아_노래해줘서_고마워

🌸고3(이과) 쏘정🌸 (@park_so_joung_) Instagram Profile Photo park_so_joung_

🌸고3(이과) 쏘정🌸

image by 🌸고3(이과) 쏘정🌸 (@park_so_joung_) with caption : "오전수업해서 기분좋은데 승관이 마더OST 어떤 사랑 발매까지 되서 지금올리는...
#독서실 #독서실도착 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워 #마더ost #어떤사랑 #짱좋아요 #중간피드 #✔" - 1735320919792339993
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오전수업해서 기분좋은데 승관이 마더OST 어떤 사랑 발매까지 되서 지금올리는... #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워 #✔

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_ 我的小驕傲😭😭 求快出音源吧ㅠㅠㅠㅠ #💘 아_노래해줘서_고마워

image by 김민아 (@min_boo_0116) with caption : "오늘도 승관이땜에 앓는중 퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 개잘생겼어
#세븐틴 #캐럿 #덕질다이어리 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워 #부석순_거침없이_유닛데뷔해 #데일리 #02 #고1 #부승관 #사랑해" - 1708519507444011169
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오늘도 승관이땜에 앓는중 퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 개잘생겼어 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워

Alicia🙈🐱🍲 (@k_informations) Instagram Profile Photo k_informations


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Main Vocalist Of Self-Producing Boy Group Fulfills His Dream Of Appearing On "King Of Masked Singer": The latest episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” revealed the identity of “Woodcutter” to be one of the main vocalists of a talented self-producing boy group! “King of Masked Singer” aired on January 14 and “I’m the person who stole the flower fairy’s clothes, Woodcutter” and “I only wish for me to do well, Full of Luck” battled it out to see who would move on to the next round. “Woodcutter” revealed that he would be singing Big Mama’s “Yeon” and explained that it was a song he’d been preparing for three years so he could perform it on the show. “Full of Luck” performed Kim Gun Mo’s “Bird Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and both performers wowed with their high notes and stage presence. SPOILER ->> The two contestants gave a stellar performance but the victory ultimately went to “Full of Luck” with just a seven vote difference of 53 to 46. “Woodcutter” took off his mask to reveal that it was none other than SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan. When asked how he was feeling, he confessed that he had wanted to appear on the show since the pilot episode and that it had been a stage he had been dreaming of for a long time. Seungkwan continued on to state, “I was so moved by how intently everyone was listening to me sing. I feel great about my performance and have no regrets. I will continue to work hard to be a person people can get excited for.” The identity reveal was also shared on Twitter with the caption, “The identity of ‘King of Masked Singer’ contestant ‘Woodcutter,’ who has been stealing hearts with his soft vocal tone and quick wit, was Seungkwan. Spend a happy weekend with lovely Seungkwan, who steals Carats’ hearts every day.” Fans of SEVENTEEN also trended the hashtag “#승관아_노래해줘서_고마워 [Seungkwan, thank you for singing]” to celebrate his appearance on the show. Are you Jungshook?😂😂 • • • • •

유마루다 / 유루 (@yumaruda8) Instagram Profile Photo yumaruda8

유마루다 / 유루

image by 유마루다 / 유루 (@yumaruda8) with caption : "승관아~늦어서 미안하지만 생일축하해용
항상 좋은 노랫소리를 들려줘서 정말 고마워 사랑해~부승관!!!#2018 #0116 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워" - 1693902376316839012
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승관아~늦어서 미안하지만 생일축하해용 항상 좋은 노랫소리를 들려줘서 정말 고마워 사랑해~부승관!!! #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워

🇸欸嘶🇸 (@lsy19911995ysc) Instagram Profile Photo lsy19911995ysc


image by 🇸欸嘶🇸 (@lsy19911995ysc) with caption : ".
看你累的時候就想在你背" - 1693642389555587564
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. 今天手感整個沒跟隨我誒 手幅做不好賀圖畫不好😭😭😭 但還是想要發賀圖祝夫勝寬生日快樂 每次都覺得自己是不是越來越唯飯(# 但其實13隻都還是很愛 就只是太寵你了 看你笑就也覺得幸福 看你低著頭的時候就想摸摸你的頭 看你累的時候就想在你背後替你撐著 聽你只說著善良的話就感到心疼 以前明明是連要給予你一點點的愛都感到自我懷疑 但不知道從什麼時候開始就這樣子跟著你走了兩年 握著你手的時候 你真摯而眼裡帶笑看著我的時候 你笑著點頭張口回應我的時候 我說的即使只是一個單詞也想聽清的時候 全場的燈光照耀在你身上的時候 你的嗓音那樣子震撼人心的時候 你低著頭抿著嘴總害怕眼淚被看到的時候 每一個喜歡你所以有的悸動都很感謝也很難忘 人家都說追星要看著你偶像成為更好的人 很抱歉我真的一直是渾渾噩噩沒有長進的飯 但謝謝你仍然是我的光我的良藥 讓我狼狽也讓我成長 讓我總是因為感受到愛繼而感受到活著 謝謝你成為偶像成為17 成為夫勝寬 從未成年到成年 從19到21到以後的以後 也會像一直以來這樣子守著你陪著你走的。 21歲快樂,夫勝寬。 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워

image by ㅇㅏ (@planet_0408) with caption : "#Happyseungkwanday 
#승관아_노래해줘서_고마워" - 1693347978986524067
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항상 노래하는 매 순간마다 우리를 놀라게하는 결코 실패하지 않는 우리의 가장 귀중한 보컬에게, 우리의 행복 피임약으로 남아있는 모든 라이브 스테이지에서 항상 열심히 일하는 ... 행복한 생일 축하합니다 부승관! 우리 Boo 디바, 세븐틴의 거주자 인 MC Boo는 항상 보살 피고 행복합니다. 캐럿은 너를 너무 사랑해! 열심히 노력해 주셔서 감사합니다! 사랑해 @pledis_17 부승관 !! 🎂🎂🎁🎉💙💜💙💜💙💜💙 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워

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He always muster up his courage to step up in behalf of his group. When it comes to humor, everyone has definitely heard of him. He did so much for his group to be recognized and as a reward for his hard work, a recognition for his incredible talent. He has one of those unique voices that will surely leave you astonished. Everyone should know how amazingly talented this boy is. Happy Birthday Seungkwan! I am so proud of you bub. I hope you get to do all the things that’ll make you happy. Thank you for singing 💕😘 @saythename_17 #승관아_노래해줘서_고마워 ~ Ctto.