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#田中美海生誕祭2018 photos and videos on Instagram

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昨日はWUGの推し💛みにゃみこと田中美海ちゃんの誕生日でした! 昨日だけTwitter復活してやろうと思ったのにインフルゆえの体調の悪さで果たせず…代わりにインスタで。 みにゃみ大好き!しゅき!!! (画像は全てYouTubeのスクショです) 2018


WE♡SEIYUU (@seiyuulove) Instagram Profile Photo seiyuulove


image by WE♡SEIYUU (@seiyuulove) with caption : "Seiyuu Birthday (January 22): Minami Tanaka
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS " - 1697719269510367260
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Seiyuu Birthday (January 22): Minami Tanaka ---------------------------------------------------- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS PRECIOUS SUNSHINE! I’ve heard her voice in HaNaYaMaTa first but of course I didn’t fall in love with her until I finally watched Wake Up, Girls! And yes, I became a Minyami oshi right away (still beginner level though lol!). I love her so much, I had to have her character in Fate/Grand Order, Nitocris, right away! She’s so cute and I really really hope to hear her in the future. Unfortunately was not able to meet her at Anime Expo, but hopefully another opportunity will arise! Hope she has an amazing day 💛☀️ ~Gardo (@dvtenshi) ---------------------------------------------------- 生誕祭2018


Makoto Masaka (@gitendo_77) Instagram Profile Photo gitendo_77

Makoto Masaka

Instagram Image by Makoto Masaka (@gitendo_77) with caption : "みにゃみのお誕生日記念に #旅するみにゃみ #名古屋 なら黄色いみにゃみラインこと #名古屋市営地下鉄 #東山線 で。5173Hの3号車5373に狙いを定め、この日運良く運用に就いており撮影成功! #WUG_JP #片山実波 #片山実波生誕" at 栄駅 - 1697261359459505723
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みにゃみのお誕生日記念に なら黄色いみにゃみラインこと で。5173Hの3号車5373に狙いを定め、この日運良く運用に就いており撮影成功! 2018