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今日食べた美味しかったもの💕 エーグルドゥースのショートケーキは、今まで食べたショートケーキの中で一番美味しかったかも🤔💖食べログ評価3.9ってのも納得😳 ラ・メゾン・デュ・ショコラのチョコのケーキもすっごく美味しかった! 美食家にお店選んでもらって正解だったな🙆‍♀️ #ケーキ

yumi ☆o (@ayury.hd) Instagram Profile Photo ayury.hd

yumi ☆o

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6歳の誕生日おめでとうにゃん😸㊗️🎉 ※ 新しい学校に入学し、すぐに誕生日を迎えました。 学校に親がケーキ🎂を持ち込み、クラスのみんなにバースデーのお祝いしてもらうスタイル。 みんなの笑顔に元気をもらいました😊 ※ #ケーキ #初めての経験 #楽しむ ☺︎

image by @_xsourcandyx_ with caption : "Just a fantastic fantasy"- 1871984936332872749
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Just a fantastic fantasy

𝖯𝖫𝖳. (@chutemi99) Instagram Profile Photo chutemi99


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180516 🖤

ʜᴀʀʟᴇʏღ (@strwbxrries) Instagram Profile Photo strwbxrries


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I know this isn't the greatest edit ever because this is my first time editing. But I just wanted to let out some stuff that I really feel deep down because I honestly can't keep hiding my feelings in. I'm honestly the type of girl who doesn't really say feelings,but they all just kept weighing me on the back. I'm actually scared of being in a relationship because I don't know how I'll be,or how it'll end up. I'm scared of being cheated on and they say "don't tell" and the person they're cheating on me with won't say anything to me about it so I can dump that person. I don't really know what love is because the person I am, hasn't even fallen in love until now,but I just have so much stuff to get off my chest like,do I make him happy? Does he like my little sister? Will our relationship work out? Is everything perfect? Those are the things that weigh me down. And I just can't take it. It's hard enough already knowing two people that I adored and loved are gone and then there's the spamming and the worried parts of him. I'm okay,I just need my personal space at times. Yes I'm human,I cry,bleed,sleep,eat,watch TV,check text messages. But I sometimes do need some privacy with me and my younger sister Sadie. If I'm at that point where I have to say stop and you don't stop,I won't be happy about that. I respect you for who you are and how you treat me,and if I don't like it then yes I will leave. I don't give that much chances but you better believe that I can hurt someone in a split second if they hurt me or my priorities. {tags;#ケーキ }