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NAHOEMI—🌹 (@blcnthoe) Instagram Profile Photo blcnthoe


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NAOMI SPARKS— ☁️ [COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE EMOJI FOR A TBH!] born on april 1st, what a joke. adventurous. single, not looking. flirty. stressed most of the time. canadian. friend to many. bestfriend to @losingshleep + @antichrsit! loves all her friends. happy most of the time. the true ass blair waldorf clone. will complain about being tired and do nothing about it. already rewatched gossip girl for the sixth time. greys anatomy enthusiast, yes i’ve watched that shit more than once too. kitten. kinky. loves the color blue, pink, and purple. could listen to one song on repeat for days. jon bellion’s secret wife & lana’s lesbian lover.

Covs Heat 2k18 (@covs.heat2k18) Instagram Profile Photo covs.heat2k18

Covs Heat 2k18

image by Covs Heat 2k18 (@covs.heat2k18) with caption : "In 4th are the @covs2k18rockets! With a deadly starting lineup consisting of Harden, @tony_king2k, Melo, Porzingis, and " - 1740052597374722472
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In 4th are the @covs2k18rockets! With a deadly starting lineup consisting of Harden, @tony_king2k, Melo, Porzingis, and I think Enes Kanter, the rockets have the firepower. I do worry about their defense though. They are a severe threat to the Warriors' western conference hegemony.

Ari💋💕 (@theiceiest) Instagram Profile Photo theiceiest


image by Ari💋💕 (@theiceiest) with caption : "Follow my twin @concupiscentbella" - 1740052313889971244
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Follow my twin @concupiscentbella

Nikki{Bri💗}{Livs girl💗} (@daringbella) Instagram Profile Photo daringbella

Nikki{Bri💗}{Livs girl💗}

image by Nikki{Bri💗}{Livs girl💗} (@daringbella) with caption : "Like the mania gear guys😘😘" - 1740051735914938561
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Like the mania gear guys😘😘