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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Tate


Alfonso Martinez (@smarfon) Instagram Profile Photo smarfon

Alfonso Martinez

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AIDS wallpaper installation


:: BBAU :: (@_bbau_) Instagram Profile Photo _bbau_

:: BBAU ::

Instagram Image by :: BBAU :: (@_bbau_) with caption : "💿💿💿" at Tate - 1872854896152247002
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The Way Earthly Things Are Going by Emeka Ogboh @Tate Modern/ This work references the current financial crisis-- particularly significant to Greece but also of global relevance and the migration of people fleeing war and economic hardship. The flicker tape displays financial data (Stock exchange indexes around the world). Further, this tape is slowed down to match the pace of the singing, recorded specifically for this work with a tranditional polyphonic choir called 'When I'm forget, I'm glad' which is the lamentation song from the Epirus region of northern Greece. It recounts a story of forced migration and relates to the present economic situation in Greece.

lucete (@lucete1701) shared  Image at Tate on Instagram - 1872822932133534201
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Silvana de Faria (@sylvanadefaria) Instagram Profile Photo sylvanadefaria

Silvana de Faria

Instagram Image by Silvana de Faria (@sylvanadefaria) with caption : "William Goscombe John, “ A boy at play” #tate #tatebritain #boy #bronze #gracious #art #london #lavieestbelle #artist #w" at Tate - 1872797489493505308
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