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MegaBox medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: MegaBox


MINT Organics (@mint_organics) Instagram Profile Photo mint_organics

MINT Organics

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Thank you @familykits for organising this 4-days event, having total of 64kids to experience being our organic ambassadors these 2 weekends! Kids are our hope, our future, and we want them to cherish what we have, reserve the resources and choose to support green products! Organic is a lifestyle, start early. . . .


Mid Age Man (@midageman) Instagram Profile Photo midageman

Mid Age Man

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😬 Since you’re hanging around ... 😬 . ❗️You can consider slipping reverse crunches in between other bench exercises.❗️ . ✅ While you’re recovering from a set, grab the bench and raise your legs toward the sky, knees slightly bent. ✅ . 👉🏿 Then push your soles up toward the ceiling. 👈🏾 . ⚠️ This is better than raising and lowering your legs, which works your hip flexor muscles more than your abs. ⚠️ . 🏋🏿‍♀️ For an extra challenge, slip a light dumbbell between your feet, and perform the reverse crunches with a bit of weight. 🏋🏼‍♂️ .


Instagram Image by Michael Mak (@michaelmak2046) with caption : "😌
#舒服游水➕桑拿" at MegaBox - 1848693779255695264
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😌 ➕桑拿

Instagram Image by Keyonkk (@keyon_kk) with caption : "天氣很好" at MegaBox - 1848690616540671011
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Kan Yue Yin (@kenkanyueyin) Instagram Profile Photo kenkanyueyin

Kan Yue Yin

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