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Instagram Image by Amina (@the_local_bosslady) with caption : "Salaam my people. 
The muslimah event is the first event that is going to be held in Nakuru for the purpose of empowerin" at Nakuru - 1829031089144664898
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Salaam my people. The muslimah event is the first event that is going to be held in Nakuru for the purpose of empowering young ladies which is not a religious event, targeting the youth, it will be for ladies only. The reason why I came up with this idea is because I want to motivate, inspire young girls/ladies that live here in Nakuru for we have been forget and left behind despite all that is happening like the level of depression is so high among young girls and they don't have someone to talk, unhealthy relationships, mental health, early pregnancy, u protected sex and so much. We want to give the young girls/ladies a voice and place to come and unpack anything that is toxic to their psychological well being. With the help of psychiatric disability organization of Kenya, ustadha Hafsa, ustadh Salim, madam Ruqia we are trying to make this happen for the sake of our Muslim youth(girls/ladies) Come support us, bring your sisters, cousins, neighbors if you are a resident of Nakuru The future is us ladies We are special We don't want to be judged We don't want to be stigmatized We want a better future and a healthy environment # You can pay in advance You can contact us from 0720964627 or email us Save the date at 18th August


_diffu (@_diffu) Instagram Profile Photo _diffu


_diffu (@_diffu) shared  Image at Mombasa, Kenya on Instagram - 1829030944323671950
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Mehtap Yilmaz (@mehtapyl) Instagram Profile Photo mehtapyl

Mehtap Yilmaz

Instagram Image by Mehtap Yilmaz (@mehtapyl) with caption : "Hello there 🐵 #kenya #safari #chimpanzee #africa" at Ol Pejeta Conservancy - 1829030717881581887
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Hello there 🐵