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I remember my Coachella experience like it was yesterday. I can’t believe that pre-sale is just a few weeks away (early June). I’m still trying to decide if I’ll be attending Coachella 2019. *Side note* I’ll probably never stop sharing pictures and videos from Coachella! So many people have questions regarding how much it costs to go to Coachella. The amount that you spend is based on every decision that you make (Ga vs. VIP wristband, camping vs. hotel, rental car vs. uber or carpooling etc.). The biggest purchases that I made for Coachella were: - GA wristband+shuttle $504 (w/out shuttle was sold out) - Car Camping pass $113 - Enterprise car rental $300 (w/ discount) - DFW to LAX airfare $180 (plus insurance and baggage fees) In addition to this, I paid to get my hair braided, parking at the airport, gas for my rental car, camping supplies, outfits, food, and Coachella merchandise. If you purchase your wristband and camping pass etc. during pre-sale, then you have the option to use a payment plan.



Alf Alpha (@alfalpha) Instagram Profile Photo alfalpha

Alf Alpha

Instagram Image by Alf Alpha (@alfalpha) with caption : "This drawing was a gift from Coachella 2014 🎨 Bless the true plēyer that gifted me. If you know who made this please @ t" at Coachella Fest - 1787321888806464834
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This drawing was a gift from Coachella 2014 🎨 Bless the true plēyer that gifted me. If you know who made this please @ them. I want to send them a swag bag with merch. 🔹

Spencer Paez (@piespencer) Instagram Profile Photo piespencer

Spencer Paez

Instagram Image by Spencer Paez (@piespencer) with caption : "Flashback to gold #eyeshadow with flowery #embroidery and #bodyjewelry stickers at #beychella" at Coachella Fest - 1787105440430516856
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Flashback to gold with flowery and stickers at

Massimiliano (@grigioantracite) Instagram Profile Photo grigioantracite


Instagram Image by Massimiliano (@grigioantracite) with caption : "D I  F U O C O" at Coachella Fest - 1787002501986206419
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Jose Luna (@jluna13) Instagram Profile Photo jluna13

Jose Luna

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Carlos Salazar (@casv02) Instagram Profile Photo casv02

Carlos Salazar