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Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve medias on Instagram

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Jacob Leblanc (@jacob__leblanc) Instagram Profile Photo jacob__leblanc

Jacob Leblanc

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Anna Carrera (@930_bandit) Instagram Profile Photo 930_bandit

Anna Carrera

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• 🏁Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 🏁 There was a time when I didn’t know that you can actually take your car onto the track and drive it around. It was the year 2003. The moment my friend @petrosplarinos told me about it, I immediately, headed down there in my Rx7 for what was going to be the first of many, and I mean many, laps to come. My first lap was around 3PM where I found all sorts of activities happening. Cyclist. Rollerbladers. Pedestrians. Even baby carriages, littered all around the track!! “Oh,” I thought to myself, “we must return at a later time.” And so we did. 9PM. No baby carriages but there were still cyclist and pedestrians. “What are these crazy people doing here in the middle of the night?!” I thought to myself. “We must return later.” And so we did. 3AM. No one there. 👍🏼 But! Pitch darkness. I couldn’t see past the headlights, making the apex impossible to see. “Think. Think. 🤔 A-Ha! I’ll just wait until daybreak.” It was around 5AM when the morning light just started to peek over the horizon giving just enough visibility to see the apex. One “easy does it” lap around to make sure there are no early birds flocking to the nest and the coast was clear. We, Little Red Riding Hood and I, lapped that track until the fuel light came on and with every lap faster than the lap before. You know where we spent that summer. And what a summer it was!! 5AM rendez-vous every chance I got! Eventually, we got chased down by security. The license plate was recorded and true to form, we got black listed. “If you are seen here again, you will be arrested,” were the worst words I could hear ☹️ But... I can say that... I could lap that track with my eyes closed 😁 It goes without saying that since I acquired 🎱, it has been a dream to lap it with her but I’m a little more responsible these days and not so apt to getting arrested. I’ve created this video for your viewing of what it looks like to lap it in a 930 at a leisurely pace. I have increased the speed of the video and edited it to fit Instagram’s 60sec allowable time. Was I tempted to rip down the famous straight? Of course I was, but I didn’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Enjoy and feel free to post any comments.

Yannick Saint-Haralambo (@yannicksh) Instagram Profile Photo yannicksh

Yannick Saint-Haralambo

Instagram Image by Yannick Saint-Haralambo (@yannicksh) with caption : "La fête!
#wedding #panda #party #montreal #love #loutre" at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - 1870547542270635606
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Coyo Pironi (@coyiyo) Instagram Profile Photo coyiyo

Coyo Pironi

Instagram Image by Coyo Pironi (@coyiyo) with caption : "Pirelli Tires" at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - 1870523390261320959
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Pirelli Tires

Image by @stuckin5thgear with caption : "From the archives: Teo Fabi driving the striking Benetton-BMW B186 during the 1986 @f1gpcanada. Unfortunate that the lit" at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - 1870492942926710876
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From the archives: Teo Fabi driving the striking Benetton-BMW B186 during the 1986 @f1gpcanada. Unfortunate that the little Italian didn’t get good results with the car in 1986. Fabi was fast but prone to mechanical failures. • • • •